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Dr. BABY JIM ADITYA, M.Psi., Psikolog. M.NLP., LoAT., C.I., C.Ht. 

  WHATSAPP: +62.812.9000.7878.  Call: +62.812.9000.7878.

English-speaking Psychologist, Sexual Psychologist, NLP Trainer, Graphotherapist, Hypnotherapist & Mental Coach, HIV/AIDS Activist

Helping you with marital problems, divorce & after divorce counseling, sexuality, porn addiction, sexual addiction, relationship & family problems, parenting, eating disorders, sleeping disorders, anger management, fear of public speaking, trauma, stress, phobia, or even stuttering!!

Counseling and therapy in English and Bahasa Indonesia.

Recommended by expats community in Jakarta, Indonesia.

ANGSAMERAH CLINIC, at Jakarta Pusat.

WA: +62.811.136.8364 (only by appointment).

FOR PERSONAL THERAPY, TRAINING & SEMINAR, Whatsapp: +62.812.9000.7878.

e-mail: [email protected]

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